Bear and Elsie

Elsa and Jager 's 1st Litter

Elsa and Jager had their first litter of red German Shepherd puppies: Bear a male and Elsie a female, born May 7, 2017. 

What Bear's Family Says...


Bear was born last and weighed 16 ounces. He showed excellent signs of intelligence and agility early on. 

What's Bear up to now?

Bear acclimated to his new home quickly and easily transferred his potty training skills we taught him.  He also trains with Jim Duncan and is quickly mastering obedience skills. At 5 months, he weighed in at 57 pounds! Our red German Shepherd puppies have rich coloring with striking patterns. German shepherd puppy puppies for sale

What his new family says...

     Bear is our first German Shepherd and we are amazed at not only how intelligent he is but also what a good temperament he has. We get so many compliments on how handsome he is – we just love his red and black coloring. 

     Jager and Elsa are part of the Rudis family and therefore so are their puppies. They are family raised, very well socialized and included in anything the family is doing. John and Brooke take a lot of time with their puppies and by the time we brought Bear home he already knew his name and had been started on crate and potty training. 

     We are very pleased with Bear and would have no hesitation in recommending Southern Shepherds!


          Al, Ashley and Savannah  

What Elsie's Family Says...

We had to have Elsie...

After observing Elsa and Jager interacting with each other on the beach, we were immediately impressed by their temperament and response to commands. Both Elsa and Jager are strikingly beautiful, and it didn't take long for us to know that we HAD to have one of their puppies. The combination of disposition with Elsa and Jager is so incredible, that  all of their puppies were sure to have the best of both.  

What's Elsie up to now?

Elsie is our first German Shepherd. She amazes us every day with her intelligence, her persistent willingness and interest to learn, her warm disposition, and her devotion to her family. She is by far the most loyal dog we have ever had, and she immediately became not only a pet, but a loved and treasured family member!   

Everywhere we go, people stop and comment about how beautiful she is- how sweet and loving she is- and how gentle and captivating her face is. Her red and black coloring is exquisite, and her markings are distinct to the showline quality.

Why Southern Shepherds?

John and Brooke Rudis are amazing breeders! From day one, their puppies are fed the best food, given top care, and socialized daily.  When Elsie arrived to our home, she already had learned the beginning of several commands, was crate trained, and practically potty trained- all by 10 weeks!     

We truly cannot say enough great and wonderful things about Southern Shepherds! If you want a loyal and devoted life-long companion, then don't search any further!!!! 


Forever Grateful - Ella, Brandon, Chelle and Dennis